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“Where Is My Package?” ™

(WIMP) is a Suite of On-Demand Software-As-A-Service web-based applications designed to Dispatch and Track various types of Transportation Assets.

WIMP software effectively uses 21st Century Technology to provide Logistical Real-Time Pick-Up and Delivery, Shipment Tracking, Proof Of Delivery with Signature Capture for Transportation businesses in the United States and Canada. WIMP software has been proven to cut costs, increase time savings and more efficiently run and grow a business.

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Whether it is a legal summons, pallet, shipping container, human assets or even a transplant organ, rest assured you won’t have to hear those dreaded words ever again:

“Where Is My Package?” ™

WIMP technology makes it possible. The choice is clear. It’s time your business has…


Simply, Better TRACKING…


Look around, download our brochure, feel free to call (323) 864-9892 or email us today!


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Phone: 323-864-9892

Email: info@whereismypackage.net


Business Hours

Monday - Friday

8:30am - 5pm PST*

*Available 24/7 (emergencies)

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